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Market Specialist, Turf & Ornamental
US -CA - Southern California

Opportunity Snapshot

This position will put you on the ground floor of a major initiative: at FMC Professional Solutions (FPS) we are expanding and reorganizing our field operations in support of long-term growth strategies. As a Market Specialist, you will combine your technical turf and ornamental savvy with solid business acumen to provide customer service and create demand among end users in the turf and ornamental industries. Quick question for you - click here While others are "laying low" and even cutting back in a challenging market, FPS is investing in growth. In our entrepreneurial culture you will enjoy a good deal of autonomy; at the same time you will have strong support and resources from a close-knit team committed to common goals.

Your success in this role could set you up to pursue multiple career paths in FMC, an S&P 500, diversified chemical company serving agricultural, industrial and consumer markets globally for more than a century. As a global leader utilizing advanced technologies and customer-focused research and development, FMC provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, specialty, and related industries.

The Requirements

To be a good fit for this opportunity you will have:
  • A bachelor's degree in a related field; we also will consider non-degreed candidates with significant relevant experience.
  • At least two years of related sales experience, and preferably five or more years. Quick question for you - click here
  • A solid level of discipline and self-direction.
  • Working knowledge of primary products and market opportunities.
  • An understanding of key competitive products.
  • A demonstrated ability to design and present presentations to groups and individuals.
  • The ability to present effective alternative solutions to problems.
  • The ability to effectively implement business objectives for the territory.
  • A significant understanding of market dynamics and the ability to develop and recommend specific actions targeted to local needs.
  • Recognition as an advisor by many customers.
  • The ability to recognize issues and problems and take action to solve them.
  • An understanding of the strategic direction of the business.
  • A demonstrated analytical approach in dealing with competitive market information.
  • The proven ability to communicate with middle to senior management
  • Leadership experience for projects or special assignments involving work outside the area/region.
  • Very strong interpersonal skills and the ability to foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration with others.
  • Excellent and effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • The ability to work independently in a remote location.
  • A consistent track record of delivering results on time.
  • Good computer skills (Microsoft Office).
You also will need to be willing and able to travel at least 60% of the time. In a typical workweek you will spend three nights on the road and two at home, although this will vary.

This is a home based role and are preference is that you live in central or south Florida; Charlotte or Raleigh, North Carolina; Chicago or Indianapolis; or Southern California. However, you could be based anywhere in your territory.

The Role

Reporting to the Commercial Development Manager, your role as a Market Specialist is to increase customer focus and intimacy at the user level, promoting "pull" from this segment of the channel. We're looking for Market Specialists in four territories:
  • In Florida most accounts are concentrated in the state's central and southern areas;
  • In the Carolinas, many are in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; this territory also includes South Carolina and Virginia;
  • The Midwest includes Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota;
  • The Southwest covers Arizona north to Canada, as well as California, Oregon, and Washington; most accounts are in California.
You'll interact with end users as well as distributors' Sales Reps at the branch level to create demand for FPS products. This will include managing relationships with various contacts within the market, such as golf course superintendents, branch offices of national lawn care companies, and many others. In fact, because there are a large number of end users in this segment you'll depend quite a bit on your distributor relationships. Quick question for you - click here You will also collaborate with Key Accounts Managers, Marketing, and Product Development to execute strategies to promote demand for FPS products through product blitz campaigns, demonstrations, and training.

Key objectives of this position include:
  • Creating demand by delivering presentations and product-related information to customers, distributors sales/tech reps, end users, consultant groups, and others in a designated geography.
  • Demonstrating confidence in selling situations.
  • Managing objections using sound understanding of competitive products and positioning.
  • Supporting sales campaigns working with accounts management and marketing in product attributes, positioning, and program fit.
  • Delivering presentations to facilitate relationships with key influencer and consultant groups.
  • Delivering continuing education unit (CEU) training for customers, distributors, and key accounts.
  • Calling on associations, trade groups, distribution reps, key end users, and end-user service companies.
  • Managing customer trials, demos, and protocol development to accumulate field data for the commercial development of products, label expansion, and to resolve technical issues that arise from the use of our products.
  • Providing timely technical service to customers.
  • Working closely with customers and end users to ensure products are used according to label direction and to ensure proper maintenance, labeling, storage, and transportation. Assist customer and end users in optimizing efficacy of APG FPS products in a manner consistent with environmental stewardship and protection.


Strategic impact -- you will play an important role in a significant and high profile initiative. "FMC Professional Solutions is investing in the industries that have been so good to us through the years," according to Amy O'Shea, director of FPS. "This enlarged, enhanced field force will allow us to better focus on our strategic growth initiatives. Our ultimate goal is more frequent contact with our customers, resulting in stronger support and closer, more intimate customer relationships."

FPS: Ready for anything -- within FPS you'll find a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an environment in which strong performers can set their own destiny. History shows people in the field organization are able to advance in FPS and even other areas of FMC.

Stability and innovation -- FMC offers a stable profile: we've been in business 127 years; our company is diversified across agricultural, industrial, and specialty chemicals; and we're active in markets across the globe. However, rather than resting on our laurels, we're continuously trying new ideas and exploring new markets, and this will provide you with a steady stream of new and intriguing challenges.

Growth environment -- our senior leadership recently unveiled a plan for FMC to double in size by 2015 and we have a number of corporate-wide initiatives under way to accomplish that goal. This growth will create opportunities for strong performers.

Excellent compensation -- in addition to a competitive salary and incentive program we offer comprehensive benefits that include all you would expect plus some pleasant surprises, such as retirement savings and 401(k) plans, flexible spending accounts, and more.

Keys to Success

With more than 125 years of industry leadership, FMC is a "statesman" of the chemical industry, and we'll look to you to embrace that role by bringing to your contacts not only technical expertise but also integrity and trust. While you will need to learn and embrace the FMC way, you also will need to achieve goals independently, running your territory as if it were your own business. In addition you will need to leverage your interpersonal skills to manage the "push and pull" of client relationships, being as effective at managing collaboration as you are at managing conflict.

About FMC

FMC Corporation is committed to providing employees with ample opportunities to contribute, lead, and be recognized as innovators; to look beyond barriers to provide solutions; to be challenged in what they do; and to love doing it. FMC is an S&P 500, diversified chemical company serving agricultural, industrial, and consumer markets globally for more than a century. As a global leader utilizing advanced technologies and customer-focused research and development, FMC provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, specialty, and related industries.

FMC employs people across a broad range of occupations in locations across the world. We are looking for people to join us in creating, developing, and improving our products, our processes, and our markets. Employees enjoy competitive compensation, a menu of work/life benefits, and opportunities to continue developing their skills and building their career.

FMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, EEO, AAE, MFDV, and supports a drug-free workplace.

FMC Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. EOE/AA/M/F/Vets/Disabled
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